The 1975- I love it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful, yet so unaware of it: Shuffled track by track 

I know I know

I’m about a year late to the party

But I’ve wanted to listen to it since the day it came out

Also please note that I’ll have a proper review of this album at the bottom summing up the entire thing because I probably won’t have that much to say unless they have a mega hit on here like they did with Robbers for me 

I’ve only listened to 2 songs from this album thus far

That’s Somebody Else and The Sound 

Ok so here’s how this is gonna work

I’m gonna be shuffling the album on Spotify(crossing my fingers for the least ads possible) 

And telling y’all what I think about this album 

1. Paris- pretty good song!! I love Heelys voice in general and it’s honestly kinda improved from the first album. 

2. She’s American- oh my god this song has an incredible dance beat!!! I love it!!! The beat of this song sounds like their song that comes later in on the album for me, The Sound 

3. This must be My Dream:Least favorite from the album thus far… but still pretty good 

4. Loving Someone: This song is very very Melanie Martinez-esque and I love it!!! So so good!! 

5. The 1975- Next we have their classic starting track…. But completely amped up holy crap it’s so good with all the harmonies!!!!! 

6. A change of Heart-The chorus of this song is so good!! It had be snapping along with them during the song!! Very catchy!! 

7. Love Me- Very Bowie-esque and I love it!! Probably best song on the album so far!!  It’s seriously so good and so hard not to sing along to 

8. Please be Naked- Ok first instrumental track I’ve gotten so far!! I personally don’t really like the instrumental tracks as much as I do their song songs but still this ones pretty good

9.Lostmyhead- Wow. Just wow. Only 4 lines in a song repeated over and over again. So strong and powerful. 

10. If I believe you- Once again a very very catchy song!!

11. The Ballad of Me and My Brain- Oh man…. Matt Healeys voice is INCREDIBLE on this track. Great lyrics too

12. She Lays Down- OH MY GOD THIS TRACK IS GREAT!!! I absolutely LOVE acoustic music and this is incredible!!! They should do an entire acoustic album!! That would be amazing!!!! 

13. Somebody Else- Bet song on this album that I’ve already seen. 

14. Ugh!-pretty good song… not necessarily my favorite though 

15. I like it when you sleep…-another one of the round songs!! Not as good as lostmyhead though

16. Nana- amazing amazing song

17. The Sound- And now for another one of my favorites from the album. I’ve loved this song by them ever since it first came out!! I can seriously seen it being played a lot on the radio… it’s a shame it hasn’t!!! 


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